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The story of the secret prisons was renewed after the success of the UAE-led military operations in the West Coast against the Huthi militias through the Associated Press of America.


The Associated Press claimed that there were secret prisons run by the United Arab Emirates in the capital Aden, where there were cases of human rights violations, and their report was a mockery of the level of shaken by the agency’s correspondent in its report on the prisons of Aden, although not to prison.

Activists posted a picture of the Associated Press about the photograph the agency claimed was drawn by a prisoner from inside the prisons of Aden, where activists said these were old, laughable images with large contradictions that had already been used.

Yemenis said on social networking sites that the cartoons shown in the agency’s photos had been used before. This picture was published 10 months ago. Today, these images come in line with the victories of the army and the alliance against the Houthis in the city of Hodeida.


The photos published by the agency, according to investigators, are also old on the idea of ​​drawing on clean and new cork with conditions such as “prison” suggesting that this is a lie. Also, the painter took his time drawing and found his time in decorating and drawing details even some drawings used more than a colored pencil You find them in homes, not to mention being imprisoned, an idea that can not be believed by a human mind.

Investigators told Al-Mandab News that the aim of the attack was to target the UAE and the coalition countries for their role in expelling terrorism and fighting the Iranian-Persian expansion in Yemen, pointing out that some of these drawings appeared to be promotional, such as “terrorism behind them and torturing civilians” Making it highly suggest that their purpose is to send informational messages not exposing practices as reported in the report.

Investigators were puzzled by the IAEA’s report that there was a precision inspection of the sensitive areas of the body. How did the new clean pens and cork that was used to pack the electronics usually reach the prisoners? How was it painted so easily? In addition to what the agency claimed that it prevents the visit and prevents even knowing their places and there is a thorough inspection prevents the entry of anything.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Observers have reported that the Associated Press has already published reports supporting supporters of the coalition and renewing its reports today with shaky, unreliable and old evidence, accompanied by reformists and Qatar Brothers, who say the campaign is timeless.

The Associated Press reported that the Associated Press, citing its information in the report on alleged violations of detainees in Aden, Yemeni officials at a time when the Yemeni Minister of the Interior to deny any supervision of the government on the prisons of Aden, which means that the witness of the Asian Press Government is a witness did not watch Because according to the Yemeni minister, he has no information about the state of those prisons, which the report dealt with, and made a statement that he did not relate to, or which he encounters in any way.


In a series of brotherhood lies about secret prisons and allegations about them, journalist Maggie Michel, a specialist in investigative journalism, broadcast a report on the existence of secret prisons in Yemen run by the United States, following Michel’s work with Muslim Brotherhood organizations.


While the lies of the Muslim Brotherhood and its organizations that prompted “Michel” and others like them to broadcast false reports without evidence based on the dissemination of false and fabricated information.

According to information agency correspondent Mary Michel signed similar incidents to the announcer working in the newspaper on the seventh day when broadcast an interview full of abuse to the United Arab Emirates contained an interview by the presenter on the seventh day with Interior Minister Ahmed al-Meissari suspicious secret was the joint between the two incidents is the exit of the media work directed by a suspicious kitchen The plots against the Arab alliance are woven from Egypt.

In the same context exposed the governor of Hadramout province, Maj. Faraj al-Bahsani, in a previous statement monitored by “Mandeb News” expose the brotherhood groups and false reports on the existence of secret prisons in the UAE, where he said that all secret prisons in the province of Hadramout and other provinces are only official and recognized and under the administration The army is also explained to the President of the Republic Marshal Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Also, all those in prison are persons who are guilty according to the law. Most of the persons currently present are terrorists and terrorist elements who were captured in the process of liberating the coast of Hadramout.

Al-Basshni’s statement comes as a government agency to discredit the allegations made by international organizations, which are made by suspicious and misleading media outlets for personal gain to try to question the efforts of the coalition in general and the UAE in particular, which has succeeded in uprooting terrorism and fighting it throughout the region.

Official bodies:

While the secret prisons committee in Aden and Hadramout revealed the lies of the secret prisons. The committee stressed that “nothing has been found or heard about the presence of any secret prisons outside the law, whether soldiers are subject to public law or prisons subject to military law.

“The committee was assured that all workers and persons responsible for prison affairs and places of detention are Yemeni citizens and that there are no other bodies or entities responsible for the arrest and detention of any citizen other than the security services or judicial authorities,” the report said.

Of the 31 findings of the Commission, the report confirmed that “there are no forces that follow the Arab coalition running or guarding these prisons … and the lack of any investigative bodies that follow the security services of the United Arab Emirates in those prisons.”

The results indicate that the allegations of the existence of political prisons and detainees are not true due to their political positions, and that all cases of arrests were on the basis of criminal charges that contradict the laws in force or against the background of military, terrorist or sabotage crimes.

The fact-finding committee presented several recommendations, including: Calling upon the Yemeni government to pay particular attention to the conditions of prisons and speeding up its reconstruction, administratively and administratively, and urging the Yemeni judicial system to work to lift its conditions and activate its judicial functions and speed of transmission in cases of accused.

The Committee also recommended that the Yemeni security services quickly consider the cases of detainees and detainees and refer those involved to the judiciary to adjudicate their cases.


A report on the same alleged plot and condemnations of inhumane practices in Aden prisons was published by Human Rights Watch yesterday, while the organization did not visit prisons, but based its report on information from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islah Party, .

As the Associated Press reported in a report whose content is weak, radical and profoundly damaging, a professional and moral fall to an assumed authenticity should be enjoyed by an international agency such as the Associated Press and its credible credibility in the Middle East, and exposed to its anti-security and stability orientation.

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